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This WEB SITE DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is an agreement between Designing Bull L.L.C. ("Company") and the party set forth in the related order form ("Customer" or "you") incorporated herein by this reference (together with any subsequent order forms submitted by Customer, the "Order") and applies to the purchase of all services ordered by Customer on the Order (collectively, the "Services").  The parties understand, acknowledge and agree that this is an online agreement which is being entered into in conjunction with the Order. PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. BY SIGNING UP FOR THE SERVICES CREATES A CONTRACT BETWEEN CUSTOMER AND COMPANY, CONSISTING OF THE ORDER, THE APPLICABLE SERVICE DESCRIPTION AND THIS AGREEMENT AND YOU ARE AGREEING TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE IN THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING COMPANY'S USAGE POLICIES.  YOUR USE OF THE SERVICES FROM DESIGNING BULL L.L.C. CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF THIS AGREEMENT. All web designs though Designing Bull L.L.C. come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You will need to provide a written email to your web designer to get the Refund Process started. If you are past the 30 day guarantee and you are paying in increments, you will be billed all the way through the day of the emailed notice. At that point Designing Bull L.L.C. will total the hours of work that is un-payed, and will bill you for all work that is not yet payed for. Once the invoice is payed in full, you will be given access to all work that was done to your project/account. Failure to pay or discuss payment arrangement policies will result in Designing Bull L.L.C. holding all work, domain names, and marketing. WEB SITE DESIGN A. Design. The design of the Web Site shall be in substantial conformity with the material provided to Company by Customer. Web Site consultation will be provided according to the number of coordination steps outlined for the plan purchased in the Order. Customer will provide direction to Company by accessing the TEST LINK (provided by web designer) and delivering content for Web site construction within.  Web Site text will be supplied by the Customer unless copywriting services have been purchased. Development of web pages will take place on the Customer's established web hosting service with Company. All server technical issues are to be handled by Company unless otherwise noted amongst all parties. Minor updates and changes include any minor modifications and modifications to work out backend database issues and functionality. This does not include adding features beyond the scope of the Order. Company shall not include, as determined in its sole discretion, any of the following in the Web Site or in Customer's directory on Company's Web Server: text, graphics, sound, or animations that might be viewed as obscene or any illegal activities; links to other we sites that might be viewed as obscene or related in any way to any illegal activities; impressionistic or cartoon-like graphics (unless provided by Customer); invisible text, metatags (i.e., text that is present only when a "Webcrawler" or other Web indexing tool accesses the Web Site), or any other type of hidden text, hidden information, hidden graphics, or other hidden materials; or destructive elements or destructive programming of any type. B. Coordination Steps. Customer understands that submissions for Web Site development are limited to the number of coordination steps as provided in the Order.  Customer is encouraged to provide as much instruction and direction as possible with each submission. C. Accessibility of Web Site During Construction. Throughout the construction of the prototype and the final Web Site, the Web Site shall be accessible to Customer through the Test Link. Until Customer has approved the final Web Site, none of the Web Pages for Customer's Web Site will be accessible to the domain. D. Completion Date. Company and the Customer shall work together to complete the Web Site in a commercially reasonable manner. Customer must supply Company complete text and graphics content all web pages contracted for within two (2) weeks of the date of the Order unless otherwise noted.  If Customer has not submitted complete text and graphics content within three (3) weeks after the Order, an additional continuation fee of ten percent (10%) of the total Order price will also be assessed each month until the Web Site is published. This file was last modified January 1, 2016.
DESIGNING BULL L.L.C. Web Design Terms & Conditions
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